Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The "Boiler Room"

Having been blessed with mild Winters in South Africa, central heating is a whole new world for me.  When I first saw the heating room/boiler room (not quite sure what the right word is) I was thrilled to see how much space we'd have to do our laundry. The washing machine fits in easily, and there is plenty of space to hang up clothes and linen after doing all the laundry marathons. Plus I have space for the ironing.  But then...
Stairs leading down to the basement where boiler room is
The basement

 The bolier room has a special fire-proof door.  Hmm, comforting, and yet...not so much.

I took one look at the heating equipment and thought OMG - I don't have an engineering degree! This looks like a room needed to operate a very intricate and complicated steam engine.  
I don't know the name of this, but it controls the central heating

A few more gauges, one's for water pressure, that I know
These gadgets and 'things' heat up the water we use to shower with, as well as the water used inside the radiators that heat up the house. 

The gas used to heat the water

The flame used to light the gas

 I like this label..."Close all water taps" ... when? why? or else?

 The gas comes from under the ground, so this is the emergency 'off' tap.

Basin required for water leakage, I think
Many pipes
 Ahh, the laundry.

Thank goodness for our friendly neighbours who helped Arne on our first night here, and showed him the basics on how to operate this thing.  Although it's a little scary not knowing how to operate all these knobs, dials, gauges and pipes, I decided for me that ignorance is bliss at this stage. 
The house is nice and warm inside, while outside temperatures drop below zero at night. I am pleased to report that I am much more comfortable and warmer watching tv in this winter, than I ever was in our Joburg house during winter - there I used to have all heaters going, gas and electric, and just could never warm up, eventually giving up and going to bed. Here I can actually watch tv in comfort - horray for central heating!

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