Thursday, 6 October 2011

This is our last week in Bad Soden

Our days in Bad Soden are coming to an end soon, as we get closer to the big move into our new home.  The movers are all set for next Friday the 14th October to deliver our long-awaited goods from South Africa to our new home in Bremthal-Eppstein.  Horray!

We moved out of our temporary apartment on Saturday because we had only booked it for 2 months. Our new temporary apartment is also in Bad Soden, and its called the Apart Hotel.  

Not bad at all, although I'm very glad we had our other apartment for our first 2 months.  The room here is lot smaller, but very clean and comfortable and reasonably priced, and the bed is very comfy too!  Plus they clean the room every day - no more dusting for me :-) Well, at least for 2 weeks that is.   

Our friends Nicola and Dave are just up the road, and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at their new home on Monday for Dave's birthday. And we got to meet their furry friend, Che, who arrived (at last) from SA on Friday!
I just couldn't resist the little hedgehog - Nicola and Dave's housewarming gift
We had a first public holiday in Germany on 3rd October - it was the reunification of Germany day.  We went for a long walk in Bad Soden and I took some spontaneous pics with my iPhone (RIP Steve Jobs) of the beautiful Autumn colours. The leaves are falling everywhere now, forming pretty blankets over the streets and gardens, and there's no mistaking that Summer has left us. Yes, even the Indian Summer.   I just had to share these pics.

Beautiful park in Bad Soden
Last of the Indian Summer days

It's a bug's life

We walked through the forest
With all the acorns falling from the trees, I was remined of the children's story about the little chicken who thought the sky was falling when an acorn landed on his head. 
Lots of acorns

German post box - Deutsche Post

I feel a little sad to leave Bad Soden, it has really grown on me and I feel like just as I was getting to know the place, I have to leave. Oh well, I'm sure our new town will be even better!


  1. Looks lovely! Enjoy the Altweibersommer!! Yes, I spend far too much time on Wikipedia. :)

    Good luck with the move!