Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mini Golf, Oktoberfest, Vineyards and Aunties

Mini Golf
Bad Soden has its very own mini golf course.  We took advantage of the great weather one evening last week and had the Bier's mini golf challenge.

First time I've ever seen this type of hole in mini golf
Arne wins the "hole in one" award
My ball landed in the bushes
Oktoberfest in Bad Soden
We were invited out by our new friend Anna to celebrate the Octoberfest at a pub in Bad Soden on Friday.  We had so much fun! It was our first real night out since we've been in Germany, and it was great to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves after all the "admin" we've been doing.  Plus we could drink as many beers as we wanted since we walked there and didn't need to worry about the drive home :-)
We were wondering why Arne was the only guy there. . . I only discovered today, that it was a girls night out! Heh heh, I think he enjoyed being the thorn amongst the roses.
Many of the men were wearing lederhosen and the ladies were wearing traditional Bavarian dresses. I will have to get myself one of these!  We met some great people and made some new friends.
Anna and I
Grape picking at Schloss Westerhaus
Yesterday we spent a beautiful day in the sun picking grapes at Schloss Westerhaus, a lovely wine estate in Ingelheim am Rhein.  The event was a family day out arranged by the American Women's Club of the Taunus.

The owner of the vineyard introduced his wife, and told us she is pregnant with their 4th child, in their 5th year of marriage! She told us they don't watch much tv :-)

Beautiful Chardonnay grapes

The "bucket men" (brave volunteers) collected our pickings
Together the group collect 4 of these - 950kg of grapes!
30 Degrees celcius and very little shade; the workers had a rest
Arne tried a bucket on for size

 Sunday lunch with our Aunties
Today we took Arne's aunties to see our new house. Although we don't have the keys yet (hold thumbs we get them in the next 2 weeks) they were curious to see where we are going to live.  It was great to share our joy with family and have them be exicted about our new home! Aunty Dorle was thrilled to see all the apples that had fallen off the tree and promptly took out her carry bag to collect some. She's going to make apple puree, for Reibekuchen - a traditional German dish, potato fritters with apple sauce - Yum!
We went for lunch in Hofheim at oneof our new favourite restuarants - they serve the best savoury pancakes.

What was really amazing is that after only 1 month of German lessons, I was able to understand at least 85% of the converstation with our Aunties today - they only speak German. When we first visited them I could only understand about 1%! Today I even managed to have converstations, and although my grammar wasn't quite correct, they understood me, and said I should tell my teacher they approved :-)  
Arne was very proud of his little Frau, and probably quite releived he didn't have to be the translator all day.

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