Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Indian Summer

Wikipedia describes an Indian Summer as a meteorological phenomenon that occurs in the autumn. It refers to a period of considerably above normal temperatures, accompanied by dry and hazy conditions, usually after there has been a killing frost. Depending on latitude and elevation, the phenomenon can occur in the Northern Hemisphere between late September and mid November. 
Horray for Indian Summer!! I was just complaining last week how cold the weather had become, and rushed out to buy a couple of vests.  My Winter wardrobe is in our container, and honestly I was beginning to freeze! Then, suddenly, it feels like summer again. We're back to shorts and t-shirts, and brilliant sunny, warm days.
We took a walk around Frankfurt this weekend 
Sunny day in Frankfurt, walking over the Main River

Interesting ... the bridge is full of padlocks - a different kind of "graffiti"

People engrave their names onto the locks and lock them onto the bridge.

Movies in Frankfurt
On Saturday we ventured into Frankfurt central to watch a film in English.  We saw "Crazy, Stupid Love" a rom-com with a difference.   The cinema we went to shows a few films in English at various times, so the selection isn't vast, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.  The outing was quite an expensive one. In SA we were spoilt by having movie-club cards, where movies would cost us R19 each, equivalent to about 2€.  At Cinestar the movies on Saturday cost us 8.80€ each, and popcorn and drinks for two came 15€! Plus the popcorn comes in either "sweet" or "salty", and let's just say they’re not joking when they say SALTY.  Make sure you have an extra large drink when ordering this popcorn, and be ready to consume an entire week's worth of your salt quota.  I felt compelled to eat mine since we'd paid so much for it. But perhaps next time I'll try the 'sweet' one. There is no plain option, by the way! We also discovered that it will be much easier next time to take the train into Frankfurt when going to movies, rather than drive around the block a few times searching for parking - parking is scarce in Frankfurt.  I have a monthly travel card, and on weekends, we learnt - thanks Nicola :-) that Arne can ride for free on my card.
On our way to the cinema - Eschenheimer Tor

Autumn Fever
The supermarkets in Germany put on Autumn (Herbst) displays for people to get into the spirit of the change of season, by purchasing kites, wreaths, scarecrows and more.  I found it to be quite sweet and took some pics of the Herbst displays. The hedgehog "garden gnome" was my favourite - der Igel in deutsch.  Oh! to be a child again; there's so much fun stuff here!
Hedgehog instead of garden gnome :-)
Owl made of leaves
Hedgehog made of bark

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