Friday, 23 September 2011

Dust, dust and more dust!

In SA we were lucky enough to have a domestic helper once a week to do our cleaning.  We also had carpets in most of our house, so vacuuming once a week was (hopefully) enough.   However, the hayfever I had on a weekly basis was unexplained... until now ...

Since I’ve been doing the housework here in Germany, I’ve seen dust in a whole new light! Or should I say, I’ve been seeing far too much dust. Dust, dust and more dust!  Where is it all coming from?? I can see now why most the houses we looked at on our house-hunt were not carpeted.  Good thing our new home has wooden floors.  Cleaning isn’t always fun, but lately I get a strange satisfaction from seeing the amount of dust that collects in just one week in our apartment.  It’s like a competition – which room/week  will collect the most dust?!

This is dust from one week:
Here is dust from last week’s clean:
And the winner is....
Here is dust from today's clean. Oh my gosh!  And it’s not as if it’s coming from outside, because the windows are generally kept closed.  It’s a mystery to me. 

And check out the final picture with dust from our bedroom alone! I cringe at the thought of how much dust is collecting on our bed and curtains on a daily basis!

At least doing my own cleaning, I know for sure it’s done properly, 
and it’s quite satisfying :-) ...Or perhaps just a ‘morbid fascination’?!

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