Monday, 29 August 2011

Sculptures in the Park

Last Wednesday I joined the ladies from the British Women’s Club for a walk through an internationally renowned exhibition of modern sculpture in the beautiful Kurpark in Bad Homburg.
Bad Homburg is only about 20km away from Bad Soden
The "Bad Homburg" Rose
The weather was so hot I could have dived right into this fountain!

Beautiful park

The sculptures were very interesting, and while I didn’t take the booklet with all the artist info and sculpture names, I enjoyed the day out in the sun and discussions around what we thought the sculptures could depict.  Below are some photos of the sculptures and the stunning Kurpark in Bad Homburg.  

This sculpture was made of marble and smooth to touch. Strange looking, I know!   

Deep in thought about what the last sculpture could have been...

This is a permanent feature in the Kurpark, from Thailand

If I was a little taller I'd have put my face in the hole       


Depicting "SPEED"

The thermal baths in the Kurpark

Look closely and you will see the artist's face in the sculpture of David's face

They used 3 BMWs to make this one

This was my favourite. The flowers were so pretty and perfectly placed

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