Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The last few days in Johannesburg SA

Our last few days in SA were a real whirlwind.  We said goodbye to some of our furniture that we sold to our friends Anni and Wade.  Their children were so excited the day they came to collect everything, including our sofa, heaters, fridge, table-tennis table and more! Yip, the fridge was sold; so we used a cooler box for the next few days. Luckily it's been Winter and cold, and being vegan, we didn't really have food that would spoil.

 With one day left until the movers came to pack up our house, I began to panic.  My dear friend Noms came to visit and she helped me pack up all the things I'd been hoarding in the loft. I have a stationery fetish - it's official!  I had files, papers, books, pens, pencils, notepads to fill an entire container alone! Well, not that much, but almost.
Arne and I busied ourselves the night before the packers came, and when they finally arrived the next morning it was D-day. Whatever hadn't been sorted out would either be trashed, given away or packed.   I shed a quick tear as the removal van pulled into our driveway and four men jumped out armed with boxes and tape. Arne gave me a reassuring hug, and back to work we went. The packers spent all day packing absolutely everything in sight. We had to keep an eye on our cat to make sure he didn't land up in box :-)
After 2 and a half years of planning to leave South Africa, and months of preparation for our move to Germany, nothing really prepares you for the day your container actually arrives to collect all your life possessions and ship them across the globe.
The removal company guys were very professional, and by early afternoon our whole house, minus the stuff we sold, was in the container.  The container was only about 65% full, so that had to keep all our boxes in one place by means of wooden planks.  This is the part I wish I hadn't watched, because if that container tilts only slightly, it seems as though everything is going to slide to the opening, and... well...the pirates will have a grand day! 

They sealed the lock, and drove away, and as we waved goodbye to the truck, our good friends Kerrin and Chris pulled into the driveway.    A last goodbye...
Kerrin has been my dearest friend for 20 years. We lost each other a for a few years after school, but hooked up again on Facebook. She will be in my life regardless of the distance between SA and Germany.  She had Luke with her, so I got some cuddles and she showed me how he can stand by himself now - big boy!

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