Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back in the Saddle

I finally plucked up the courage to get back on my bike this week.  I gave myself a little goal to cycle to, and saw the designated cycle paths that looked quite easy. 
Field of "pick your own flowers" - the goal
I pushed my bike for a few blocks to avoid traffic and pavements, until I reached the cycle path, jumped on my bike and headed off.  A lot of the way was downhill, and for fear of going too fast I think I probably rode the brakes too much. I only have 3 gears and my 3rd gear didn’t slow me down enough.  I need more practice before I can become a speed queen.
Lovely cycle path
Easy road in the field to practice on

I cycled to a beautiful field nearby where you can pick your own flowers, and then pay of for them in the “honesty” box provided.  I've never seen or experienced anything like this before, so it was quite exciting and pretty awesome.  I walked through the field of sunflowers…until I saw all the bees and made a quick exit.  There were knives provided so that you could cut the flowers; I had packed a small scissors from home but used one of the knives instead.
Flowers available for picking
Pricelist and cash box

Knives to cut the stems

Flowers - cut your own

My selection - 2 sunflowers and 2 sets of gladiolas
So my first ride back in the saddle was a success indeed. My sunflowers have opened up beautifully and my gladiolas have brightened our dull living room. And even though I hopped off my bike at every traffic light and pushed it across while walking, I got some exercise out in the sun while conquering my fears.

The strength of the Euro?
After doing a load of washing the other day I realised I'd left a 5 Euro note in one of my pockets.  It came out nice and clean and intact. I let it dry and it was as good as new.
Would this be considered money laundering? :-) Or perhaps it shows the strength of the Euro :-)

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