Monday, 18 July 2011

The "Goodbyes" have begun

With a little over a week left in South Africa, the "goodbyes" have started. We had our farewell yesterday with our friends at the Botanical Gardens. Well, most of them at least; sorry to Bev and Mike who were stuck at home due to the fuel shortage/strike.
It was great to soak up the last of the SA sunshine and get in our vitamin D as Winter here continues.  We have such special friends here whom I will hold dearly in my heart as we venture off to Germany.  Arne is not one for being the centre of attention, and he surprisely said a mini-speech!
Saying goodbye to friends is not easy, so as they slowly filtered off, I had in my mind that I would still see some of them again before we leave next Friday.

My brother and his wife arrived today to spend 3 days with us. This is going to be the true test to my 'goodbye' strengths. They have a little girl, she's nearly 3 months old - Storm - so precious.  Arne and I are her godparents. So, at least this is a good reason for them all to come visit us in Germany soon. I will soak up every moment with them these next few days.